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Poems for All Occasions

In my early teens, I enjoyed reading the poetic books of the Bible – Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes and the Songs of Solomon. Poems written by Grace E. Easley were also instrumental in influencing my love for poetry. Her heart-warming poems expressed universal truths about wisdom gained through life experiences. These poetic writings inspired me as I discovered the gift of writing poetry.


Eventually, I was inspired to write poems after

  • reading books, quotes, and scriptures;​

  • listening to ministers, motivational speakers, and experts; and

  • viewing television programs, movies, theater, and everyday life.

Thus, the name 'Inspirationally Yours Poems By Shuntrela'.

My passion for writing poetry has gifted me with opportunities to develop poems for and read poems before corporate leaders and groups, business owners, accredited organizations, church congregations, and in classroom settings.

Now, I am excited for the chance to share and create poems for you!

“TODAY CELEBRATES...A CHANCE” is a poem I wrote about how we should view the blessing of another day and make a conscious choose to celebrate it.

To connect with me or to order a poem on a topic of your choosing click here.


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Today Celebrates... A Chance


Today celebrates our new beginning
A chance to start anew
As we endeavor to achieve a common goal
There’s no limit to what we can do

Today celebrates our new opportunity
A change to do what’s right
As we endeavor together in harmony
No one can take us off our high

Today celebrates our new mindset
A chance to make a difference
As we strive together in unity
There’s no giving up nor giving in

Today celebrates our new hope
A chance to genuinely believe
As we strive together to be an inspiration
To serve as the heartbeat of our communities

Today celebrates our new song
A chance to become a melody
As we strive to become the rhythm and rhyme
That every voice will sing

Shuntrela Rogers-Gillion©

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