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Whether your project is personal or professional, your thoughts and ideas can be transformed into a poetic work of art you will love!


Please complete the CONTACT FORM:

  1. To inquiry about ordering a personalized custom digital print poem; 

  2. To request a digital print copy of an inspirational poem posted on the site; or

  3. To connect with Shuntrela Rogers-Gillion.


To order personalized poems please include:

  • Project description

  • Specific instructions

  • Your budget


To receive a digital print copy of a published poem please include:

  • Poem Title

  • How the poems inspires you

To purchase a collection of original poems, visit my Author's Page at

Thank you for the opportunity to inspire you! 

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Pink Sugar


Basic: 40 Word Poem

Lines: Up to 10

Revisions: 2

Delivery Time: 2 days

Cost: $5.00

*Delivery Time 1 day (+$10)


Standard: 100 Word Poem

Lines: Up to 20

Revisions: 2

Delivery: 2 days

Cost $10.00

*Delivery Time 1 day (+$10)


Deluxe: 150 Word Poem

Lines: Up to 30

Revisions: 2

Delivery Time: 3 days

Cost: $25.00

*Delivery Time 2 days (+$10)


Premium: 240 Word Poem

Lines: Up to 40

Revisions: 2

Delivery: 4 days

Cost $35.00

*Delivery Time 3 days (+$10)

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